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          Epic Gardening, and founder Kevin Espiritu have worked with or been covered by the following organizations:


          Kevin is a regular contributor on the Good Morning San Diego show for KUSI News:

          On Growing Microgreens in Small Spaces

          More Good Morning San Diego TV Spots:

          Kevin’s work educating the younger generation on TikTok led to a feature of his content on Good Morning America and their segment on the rising use of TikTok amongst the youth:

          Kevin was also featured in this short clip on Good Morning America.


          Timberland Boots

          Kevin was featured as one of Timberland’s “Heroes for Nature” in their Fall/Winter 2019 Nature Needs Heroes international campaign, which was named one of the best fashion ad campaigns of Fall 2019 by WWD.

          Kevin’s profile on Timberland.com can be found here, and the video manifesto is seen below:

          Additional Brands

          Kevin has also worked with the following brands:

          • WD-40
          • Workman’s Friend
          • Espoma Organic
          • Gardener’s Supply Company
          • General Electric
          • The Home Depot
          • Kellogg Garden
          • National Association of Landscape Professionals

          Podcasts and Radio

          Kevin has been featured on many of the top radio programs and podcasts in the gardening space, including:


          Kevin’s writing has been featured in the following magazines and online publications: