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          Every month, I run a giveaway of an awesome gardening product from a company that I?use and trust.

          I want more people to get great gardening products in their hands and?start growing! This is my way of giving back to all of you Epic Gardeners out there.

          Spring 2018 Hydroponic Giveaway

          $1,000 Hydroponic Garden Kit Giveaway

          Epic Spring Hydroponic Gardener Giveaway!

          Previous Winners

          Spring 2018: David Moyski – $1,000 Hydroponic Starter Kit

          May 2017:?Meka Keisei – Birdie’s 6 in 1 Raised Bed Garden

          June 2017:?Edward Jarrosz – Baker’s Creek Heirloom Seed Collection

          July 2017: Jean Jakes, Garden Maker Naturals Organic Fertilizers

          August 2017:?Duane Johnson, Green Mill Lawn and Garden Expandable Hose

          September 2017: Crystal Pippin, Upcycle + Company Native Soil Fertilizer