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          Types of sage

          Types Of Sage From Culinary To Colorful

          There’s many different types of sage, but how do you choose which one? We’ve selected a collection of our favorites, both culinary and ornamental!

          Dames rocket

          Dames Rocket: A Merrie Olde Gillyflower

          Sometimes considered invasive, dames rocket can be grown as a very effective flowering plant. Our growing guide explains how to contain it!

          Albuca spiralis

          Albuca Spiralis: A Twisty Frizzle Sizzle

          Albuca spiralis, sometimes called frizzle sizzle, is a fun plant to grow. Learn all about this spiral-leaved wonder in our growing guide!

          Columnar trees

          12 Columnar Trees You Must Grow

          In landscaping, columnar trees provide both lovely foliage and a distinctive shape. Here’s twelve of our favorites that you should consider!

          Foxtail fern

          Foxtail Fern: Growing This Sly Perennial

          The lush fronds of foxtail fern create a stunning wave of bright green foliage in your garden. Our complete guide shows you how to grow them!