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          Growing Mint

          Growing Mint For Cocktails Or Cooking

          If you use mint in your mixed drinks or cook with it, growing mint is a great way to keep it fresh and ready to use! Our guide shows you how.

          Lemon thyme

          Thyme Plant Care In The Chef’s Garden

          Growing the thyme plant gives you an abundance of herbal goodness. We’ve provided an in-depth guide to this amazing, beginner-friendly herb!

          Growing Oregano

          Growing Oregano In The Culinary Garden

          Growing oregano to add spice to your cooking is a great project for beginner gardeners. Our guide walks you through growing healthy plants!

          Growing chamomile

          Growing Chamomile for a Peaceful Garden

          Growing chamomile looks beautiful, and the flowers make a lovely herbal tea. Our complete guide shares how to grow your own chamomile!

          Types of sage

          Types Of Sage From Culinary To Colorful

          There’s many different types of sage, but how do you choose which one? We’ve selected a collection of our favorites, both culinary and ornamental!

          How To Grow Sage

          How To Grow Sage To Cook With

          In your culinary garden, it’s essential to know how to grow sage so you have this staple cooking herb. Our in-depth guide explains all!

          Growing Chives

          Growing Chives For Mild Oniony Goodness

          One of the most common culinary herbs is the chive. Growing chives at home saves you money and ensures you always have fresh herbs to use!

          Bay Laurel

          Bay Laurel: Growing Sweet Bay At Home

          Not only is it beautiful, but it tastes good in soups and stews. Growing a bay laurel tree provides you with lots of sweet bay. Here’s how!